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Freeride UK

Hey ! Welcome to the only website for freeride biking. Do you know the definition of "Freeride"? I reckon it's how you can just go and ride anything regardless of height or steepness. Possibly "no-fear" riding. The freedom to ride wherever you like and just letting go. You have brakes but do you actually need them? See how far you can push your limits. Just don't break anything! Ride to your limits until you're sure you can go that little extra further, and make sure your bike's up to it!

Quick reality check. My name's Jon, JJ to my mates, and I'm 16. I live in the UK, Somerset. I am completely addicted to mountain biking in general but recently i've got into freeride. I have a Merlin 15" trials/air frame. I've put Magura HS33's, D521 on LX rear wheel, an FSA Orbit headset and an Azonic Hotseat. It's just the right size for freeride.
Aside from mountain biking I also like listening to rock music.. fave band at the moment is Incubus. 

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