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Team eXtreme

Sorry.. couldn't think of a better name.. answers on a postcard!

Team eXtreme comprises of 3 people at the moment. Myself (JJ), Rich and Elliott. I'm a freerider, Rich is a skater and Elliott is a BMXer. We're trying to vary the content a bit after seeing so many "teams" doing the same tricks, which is a bit boring.
I'm the nut of the team. I'll ride whatever whenever. Rich is the technician pulling pop-shove its and kickflips all over the place. Elliott is an all rounder and he likes to do everything.. multi tasking.
We should be filming a video soon and i'm gonna try and get some footage onto the net for a laff.
The team is set up for one reason. To encourage freestyle riders to hang out instead of the barrier separating bikers and skaters, which leads to frequent conflict. When a group of freestyle riders get together they start pushing themselves, feeding off the energy of others and going a bit mad in general. Pushing the envelope is what freestyle is all about.

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