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The Compton Riders
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The Compton Riders explained ...

Me (JJ): Bike: Merlin air/slalom.
I'm a freerider and I love big drops and street riding, (surprising the bike can take it). I'm into dirt jumping and love blind landings, e.g lookback landing or eyes closed !! I'm a bit of a nut and love variations, e.g "no-foot nose-manual".. my signature trick. I can jump any bike, even Rens sister's 5 spd raleigh that has no brakes !!

Elliott (Ren): Bike: Specialized Hardrock/GT Fly BMX
He's an XC fool who likes a bit of duel in his spare time and he's becoming a good dirt jumper after lots of hard criticism from me... well done Ren !! So stylish that "MR. Day" cries "wot the hell !!". Ren is best sought in his natural habitat... (the Compton woods).. and is identifyed by his lush Gazzaloddi duals.. which, incidentally, are bright blue !!

Tom (Zippy): Bike: Specialized Rockhopper
Zippy couldn't get air if you dropped him out of an aeroplane !! But to his advantage he's a balancing wizard. He can trackstand for longer than anyone. He's also very accident prone and provides myself and Ren the opportunity to wince after a few ground shattering crashes after which he never seems to break anything !!

Chris (Mr Day): Bike: Azonic DS1
One hell of a style guru. Day is so smooth when it comes to jumping. He has the confidence to wheelie drop a 7' near vertical grass bank with a really harsh landing.. what's more... he does it silently. Really someone who inspires you to go beyond your limits. An all-round nice-guy.

Johnny (Johnny!): Bike: Club Roost Stinger
Has he no brain cells at all ?? He rides like it !! He'll sidehop drop a 6' wall with barely enough room for his tyre. How he manages to not get killed is a mystery to everyone. Johnny is fearless.. this really complements his riding style as he just does whatever he wants and doesn't think.

Si (Jenkins): Bike: Club Roost VCV 2/200, Cannondale F1000
Jenkins has one of the nicest bikes around. And it's nice to see someone who can actually ride a nice piece of kit rather then buying it to look good. He's got a bit of style but what Jenkins is really good at is just messing around on a bike. He'll ride whatever style competently and with talent.

Got a good bike? Reckon you're a bit good at biking? Send us some evidence and we'll bung it up on the site for you.