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Tips and Troubleshooting
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There's no better teacher than Professor Faceplant...

This bit will teach you some basics of biking form my experience and many falls. If you're going to go large then you need to be prepared to crash once in a while. Get yourself some knee/shin pads.. I recommend Dainese as they're well tough and don't limit your limb movement. Always wear a helmet! (The one time you don't you will fall and knock yourself out)

Check out these tips for better riding. These are from personal experience. You have the benefit of not injuring yourself if you take my advice.


Jumping: Whenever you do small jumps, under 2ft, e.g logs n' small singles, don't rely on speed to carry you the distance. Pull up on the bars, i mean really pull, with your weight over the centre of the bike. Then bring your legs up to unweight the bike. Then as you're about to land extend your legs a little to absorb the impact. Now ride away with a smile on your face. with this you can get loads of distance with less effort. Technique.. not aggression !


Drop-offs: When you pull a drop off for goodness sake start small or your gonna crack your nut open! Try a small wall first, about 1 1/2 or 2 ft. Roll towards the edge at a slow walking pace and as your front wheel gets about 2" from the edge then pull up on the bars, enough to manual, and lean back. Give half a pedal kick as you stand up. Extend your legs and turn the cranks back towards you about 1/4 of a turn as you land with the rear brake on. Smoothly bring the front wheel down and chill!


Pedestrians: If they don't move... make them. I find pulling a wheelie and crossing the bars, leaving the wheel spinning in front of their face is a good one. Or Tailwhip in the legs for the more obstinate youths.. lol

List of Tips

A list of all the tips on this page, to make the page easier to scan. For example:

Tip 1:Jumping
Tip 2:Drop-offs
Tip 3:Pedestrians