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Check out these trails....

Peppershells Wood

Peppershells Wood is fantastic for freeride. Most of the slopes in it are 1:5 on the main downhill. There is another route down the woods and it is a fantastic, twisty singletrack with root sections and log jumps. It's so fast. Me n' a couple of mates have now built 3 log jumps, 1 double and a berm on that piece of track alone. It's crazy in the dark.
The centre of the wood is about 1:5 and is mental in the wet when brakes just fail to work. Very fast, deep track with roots and rocks galore. Also there is 1 dropoff and 1 jump.
The new double that was under construction has been unfortuately demolished. We will however be building some new jumps, although they wont be as big.

My Background

I started riding when I was 6. Mastered without stabilisers when I was 7. Then I moved into the countryside and started off road stuff when I was 11. I've progressed since then and I can wheelie indefinitely, manual a 15m hill and pull a signature move.... the "no-footed nose manual". I'm still progressing and live for biking... The girl's gone so the bike rules !.